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If you are tired of trying different things to make money online (event what the “Online Marketing Gurus” say) just to get little or no results…

If you have tried all of that and more… i can tell you that i know how it feels. I’ve been there before.

Now,what if you are told that there is a fast, smart and easy way to have a hot product that you can giveaway to easily build your list and get sales from niche related products for years to come.

It’s not any kind product, but a software product (which has a higher perceived value than ebooks).

And what if i told you that this software product comes with EVERYTHING that you need to start getting LEADS and SALES right away..

Yes, there’s nothing else to do. No development costs (which are huge) or energy involved..

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A New Software With Giveaway Rights That You Can Start Using Right Away.

Learn More About “Tube Backlinks”

A MUST Have Tool For Online Marketers.

Help Your Subscribers Get Backlinks To Their YouTube Videos With Just 1 Click.

“Tube Backlinks” is a Windows Software, that allows your subscribers to get some initial
Backlinks to their YouTube videos in no time for better ranks. See it in action:

These Backlinks (over 100) come from different websites that act like “YouTube Clones” and
the purpose of the software is to help new videos to “warm up the engines”…

… And at the same time, it’s main Goal is  to help you to BUILD YOUR LIST WITH IT!

It's a HOT Tool That Can Help You To Get Into This Massive and Profitable Niche.

Video Marketing is extremely HOT Right Now and New Products are
Being Launched ALL The Time and Customers are Always Asking For More!

Our Package Allows You To Easily Get Into This Profitable Niche, By Giving
Away a Software That Can Help You To Build Your Own List  …

… So You Can Then Drive Affiliate Sales Straight To Your
Inbox For Years To Come: 

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We've Included a Full Done-For-You Package So You Start Getting Leads and Sales Right Away!

We Did All The Hard Work For You. Take a Look:







Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting…

This is the core value of the package and could cost you a lot of money to develop.

It’s a Windows Software (Any Windows Version Higher than XP Will Be Fine for It) that your buyers will love to have and that could make you money for years to come.

And You Get it with a Flexible Giveaway License.

You Get 2 Versions of the Marketing Video: Branded and Unbranded.

It’s an Awesome Package That
You Can’t Miss.

Your Subscribers Will Love It!

Keep Your Subscribers and Customers Happy…

This is the Main Reason to Sell This Product To Your Customers: To Keep Them Happy!

And we know how to do this: Our latest software with resale rights (“Instant Text To Spech”)

made over 300 sales and we’ve got only 2 refund requests, (1 was a double purchase 🙂 ).

And it was also was awarded as the Product of the Day by WarriorPlus….

See What Our Customers Say About Our Products:

+ There Are Many More!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You The Software Developer?

Yes, the software has been developed by us.

How Many Backlinks Does it Include?

The software includes over 100 backlinks from websites that act like YouTube Mirrors. Some of these websites may not be available over the time but stills with this your subscribers will get a good amount of free backlinks.

Can These Backlinks Help Me To Get a "Top 10"?

It may happen but the purpose of the software is to help new videos to "warm up the engines" with some initial backlinks for Free. And to help you to build your list with it. It's not advertised as a magical tool.

Is the Software For MAC?

No, the Software is for Windows Only.

How Does it Work?

The process is simple: The susbcriber enters a video, and after a minute or so, a list of backlinks is ready. To finish the process it's highly recommended to ping these backlinks (we show your subscribers how to do this for free under a minute).

Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?

No, sorry. Not for this offer with giveaway rights (all the sales are final). If you need assistance with something, please feel free to contact us (we're here to help).

This website and its offer in no way is affiliated with YouTube or any Google entities. 

As The FTC Rules Require, We Want To Let You Know That Results Are Not Typical We Obviously Don’t Guarantee or Imply That By Using Our Software You Will Get Rich or Make Any Money At All. We’re not responsible for the way you use this software. And That Your Income or Results, if Any, Will Vary. 

Due to the nature of the Internet, some of the backlinks included in the software may not be available from time to time. Still with
this, this giveaway software will surely help your subscribers to get some backlinks to their videos.

All the Sales are Final (there are no refunds for this offer).  . You accept this when buying this product and/or
any additional rights to it.

Need Support? Open a ticket here: Support. We’ll Get Back to You within 2-10 hs (Mo-Fr).

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